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Guided Sessions

In Light only Love Can Live

Are you ready to move forward in your life?

Through assistance from our Angels, Guides and Divine Helpers you can move through seeming fears, blocks and guilt.  Build trust, healthy relationships, prosperity and faith in yourself.  Let me assist you in learning how to connect to your Divine Guidance, your Higher Self, the Soul Creator and move into JOY.

Through guided journeys you come to learn more about yourself and others.  To listen to your own intuition and to trust it.  Raise your vibration through coming from your heart.  For in light only LOVE can live.

Our sessions will teach you how to rethink your life and create results. We will help you recognize your limiting patterns by helping heal those emotions that are holding you back.  When you choose to let go and shift this energy it will help create a new outlook  in your life.  Our sessions use the assistance of the Divine Realm and we will give you helpful tools which you can use daily on your new path.  Let's explore areas of your life that you want to improve and  create new patterns.
1 Hr. Phone Session - $75.00 Buy Now
1 Hr. In-Person Session - $75.00 Buy Now

After you purchase your session, we will contact you to setup your appointment.  Also, you may call us at (480) 804-1048 to book an appointment.  Our location is in Arizona and we are on PST. Payment methods include Visa, MC, AX & Discover.


When this testimony arrived, it brought tears to my eyes.  One does the work and when you hear something like this, your heart sings.

Hi Cora!
I wanted to thank you again for your help. You helped me in so many ways!
You and the angels assisted me in cutting some of which was at my throat chakra. Cutting this cord aided me in being able to vocalize my feelings and end an unhealthy relationship.  I am so much happier now, and so is my son! I can't believe how much more peaceful our home is now, and we are no longer hiding in our rooms seeking safety and serenity. I can't thank you enough for that!  All the stress and anxiety is gone. Our home is a good place to be now!
You aided in cutting other cords as well. If I remember right, one at my root chakra and one at my solar plexus chakra. Well, since then I have experienced spiritual growth. I have matured emotionally and have been able to become a caregiver for my Mom. I found strength I did not know I had, and I am liking the person I am becoming.
You also helped me with the transition of losing my Dad.  You aided me in a visual trip to a garden where I was able to visualize my Dad sitting next to me. I was able to see him and talk to him about how much I loved him and how afraid I was of losing him, and my fears for my son and I.  This helped me a great deal.  It also assisted me in being able to find the strength to tell him in real life, that I was so thankful that he came into my life. He adopted me, you see...later in life. I was a problem child and he loved me and accepted me anyways. He was such a lifesaver for my Mom, sister, and I and such a wonderful father and husband. We were so blessed to have him in our lives. 
Cora, you did all these things in one phone call. You were so kind, and patient. You are amazing! Thank You for Everything!

Angels haven't just arrived. They were here before our planet was created. They helped in the development of our planet. They helped in the formation of our flowers and our trees and our mountains and our animals and our dogs and our cats and the music and the wind and the trees.

-K. Martin-Kuri

Healing for Earth & It's Inhabitants


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