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Welcome to the Animal Connection

A Place About Communicating with our Animals

The Universe works in mysterious ways and I want to share with you a story about a communication with Anna, my dog that lived for 14 yrs & 3 months.  About 3 months before she passed to the afterlife Salem our cat told me to look outside and there was this little Himalayan cat, not very big and extremely hungry.  We brought her in and named her Mystery and she continued to eat like a horse, or a cat that is going to have kittens.  I was blessed with 4 kittens and ended up keeping 3, Angel, Gabriel & Raphael.  The universe knew what was going to happen and supplied the most loving cat family. 

Anna had been not feeling well for awhile and one day I caught her looking at me.  I knew time was growing near and my best friend would be leaving the Earth plane.  I told her it was ok to go, that I would miss her loving presence and understood that it was her time.   By the night of the following day she passed and I meditated, feeling her energy next to my bed.  I asked if she would come back and saw 3 Christmas wreaths going on and off the door, with the third one on. 

Puppy Jasmine full of Love, she is truly sensitive & smartTime went by and we had moved.  It was Christmas and I kept getting the urge to go to Pet's Inc. in Tempe, AZ every weekend for about 6 weeks and one day I looked down and this puppy looked up and I saw her eyes, the soul of my beloved Anna.  Her name is Jasmine now and she brings me so much joy and I am grateful for that. 

Lady Ariel, my fun loving AngelI've always communicated in my own way with animals and that is what drew me to Animal Communication.  I wanted to learn more and found a wonderful teacher, Lynn McKenzie.  She has been my teacher & friend now for 5 years and I thank her for assisting me in learning to communicate with the animals and assist people and their pets whether they are on this plane or in the afterlife. 

For all your Animal Communication needs, please visit Lynn McKenzie of

flower essences
One of the tools we use with animals are flower essences.  They can help with many issues.  Some of the Flower Essences are:
Mark No More
Change Made Easy
Quick Relief
Skin Deep
Who's the Boss

For More Info

I am grateful for all my animals that keep me sane and grounded.  They teach us so much everyday! 
Go give yours some Love now... I am!


Salem our wonderful 18 lb cat.

Healing for Earth & It's Inhabitants


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