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The Acuspark is useful for Painful, Stiff or Swollen Joints - Muscle Spasms or Strains - Various Types of Headaches - Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain - Leg and Foot Pain and much more

The Acuspark neutralizes static electricity and is non-polarizing.  It stimulates the release of the body's natural opiates that include endorphins, which are up to 50 times more powerful than morphine.  It produces a balanced, non-polarizing energy.  The instrument produces mechanical, thermal, and electrical stimuli.  The electrical energy produced by the Acuspark is a balanced positive and negative energy.  It can only neutralize static electricity.  It cannot polarize, depolarize, magnetize, demagnetize or create a static field. 

Lymphatic Reflexes

The continual movement of the lymphatic fluids through the body plays an important role in the health and well-being of the body. It is absolutely vital that the lymphatic system be kept as clear as possible. The lymphatic reflex points have been used for over a century in diagnosing and treating numerous dysfunctions in the body.

Many healthcare providers use the palpating procedures to “clear” a neuro-lymphatic reflex point to obtain relief from pain and to allow for normal healing to take place.

It is Dr. Chambers theory that the build-up of static electricity on the walls of the lymph vessels restricts the normal flow of the lymphatic fluids, thus creating a disruption of all the systems of the body. The energy produced by the Acuspark instrument only has the ability to neutralize static electricity.

Acuspark vs. Acupuncture

The Acuspark simultaneously produces a mechanical stimulus, a thermal stimulus, and an electrical stimulus.  Pressing the spring-loaded plunger releases a trip hammer that strikes the crystal, producing a mechanical stimulus.  The excited cells of the ceramic crystal release their electrical potential, which sets off a chain of electro-chemical reactions that send messages to the brain.  The electrical current appears to furnish probably the best stimuli for the production of neuro-transmitters.  The electrical messages that reach the brain are interpreted and the brain makes a responsible action.  The brain organizes the proper peptides to return the body to its homeostatic state, if the raw material is available in the body.  Acupuncture needles can produce a similar effect if you add heat (Moxi) and electrical current.

The Acuspark instrument safely produces all of these stimuli, plus a wide range of frequencies - without the threat of contamination from needles.  The Acuspark seems to provide consistent temporary relief of pain.


Buy Now  $149.95 (Includes S/H)

Acuspark uses piezo-electric energies of a broad spectrum of frequencies to neutralize, or normalize, spurious electrical fields. It appears that the Acuspark places the body in a balanced condition so that if the raw materials, vitamins, amino acids, etc. are available, the body can repair itself. When the energy pathways are clear, messages are quickly transmitted, received, and responsive action is taken by the brain.

The most important feature is its ability in balancing (or normalizing) the electrical energies of the body without causing an over or under functioning condition of the nerve fiber system.  Thus allowing the body its best opportunity to correct itself.

Acuspark - Original and Unique

The Acuspark is the original piezo-electric instrument used by health care providers since 1974, specifically designed to provide temporary relief from pain.  No health claims of any kind are made for the instrument.   There are a few imitation products on the market.  Acuspark continues a 26 year history of quality, satisfaction and warrant service.  You can pay less but you can't buy better.

Buy Now  $149.95 (Includes S/H)


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