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Virtual Assistant & Website Design

Need an assistant? Help with your Blog, Newsletter, Autoresponders, Shopping Cart, Audio, Video?

How about an awesome Sales Page for marketing your product or service?

Let us be your Spiritual Virtual Assistant.

 Would you like a WordPress blog or website for a reasonable price?  Please visit our portfolio and see the many spiritual and mainstream sites we have created. We have created Blog Maintenance & Article Submission packages to help with those time intensive tasks.

By mixing creativity with technical it is always fun to create something to help someone else spread the light.


Health & Wellness

Nutrition is Important for our energy bodies and emotions to be in alignment.  We have found these products beneficial for us and our animals.
Jusuru Life Blend is a liquid nutraceutical that promotes healthy aging, active joints, and younger-looking skin. As the only liquid nutraceutical containing patent-protected BioCell Collagen®.

Transfer Factor I have used for me and my 4 legged family for 11 years.  It's the one thing I do not want to be without. We feed our pets mostly Raw now, however, we do recommend HealthyPetNet Life's Abundance Premium Pet Food for those wanting a good and convenient pet food.

See what resonates with you & your family, both 2 legged & 4 legged and please contact us if you have any questions.

Animal Connection

We believe that animals teach us so many lessons, like unconditional love & the cycle of life.  They can even take on some of our dis-ease to help us.

You can connect with your animals whether they are here with you now or in the afterlife.

Communicating with Animals  Visit Now.

The Raw Corner

Raw Food is so good and it is living food.
We will be teaching some classes very soon.

The Spiritual Side

The Shift is Happening

There are 3 great Energy Channels & Spiritual Coaches that I have the pleasure to work with that help me through the shifts of energy that have been going on.  I am grateful to each one.  The great thing is you can work with each one in person or long distance as energy knows no boundaries.

See which person's energy you resonate with:

Gisela Arenas, Victoria Barna in Arizona
& Lyneah Marks in North Carolina.

Healing for Earth & It's Inhabitants


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